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Indian Civil Laws - Legal Deeds and Drafts CD

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Legal Deeds - Documents & Forms CD contains:

  • More than 2500 Legal Draftsand Legal Forms in their original format.

  • including Conveyancing Drafts, Civil Pleadings, Criminal Pleadings, Company Drafts & Forms under Central Acts/Rules

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Legal Deads & Documents CD is the fastest & easiest way to write any legal document. Save time with pre-formatted templates;CUT, COPY, fill-in the blanks and be ready to print within minutes!

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Written by professional lawyers and business consultants, all documents have been professionally made as per the requirements of Indian Legal System.

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All fields requiring the insertion of custom information are easy to locate and contain helpful guidance making the templates simple to use. The documents are also categorized by departmental or functional utility for quick reference.

Search Facilities: Contents can be display on the basis of entered text and then on the basis of chosen criterion either Search Titles Only (default) or Global Search (entered text will be searched in entire database.)

Add to Favorites Facility: Through this tab frequently required contents can be added to favorite’s list.

Partial List of Contents 
covered under Alphabet "A"

Acknowledgment by advocate 
Simple form of acknowledgment of a debt 
Acknowledgment of debt to save limitation 
Acknowledgment of part payment of a debt 
Acknowledgment by endorsement on the promissory note Acknowledgment of right to arrears of licence fees under a licence 
Acknowledgement of liability 
And many others

Adoption deed 
Joint deed by the natural mother and adoptive father 
Wife's consent to adoption 
Adoption by a hindu widow 
Adoption by an unmarried hindu woman 
Adoption of an orphan from an orphanage 
Adoption of a child from his guardian 
Declaration by the guardian 
Authority given to wife to adopt 
Adoption deed by widower natural mother with adoptive father And many others 

Affidavit to be furnished by the shareholder to the company for issuance of duplicate share certificate (s).
Affidavit to be submitted with the application for change of name in the certificate. 
Affidavit to be submitted with the application to the regional transport authority for issuance of duplicate driving licence. 
Affidavit to be furnished to the registrar of marriages under hindu marriage act, 1955. 
Affidavit to be furnished to the income tax authorities for obtaining income tax clearance certificate. 
Affidavit to be submitted with a writ petition 
Affidavit for condonation of delay in filing appeal before the income tax appellate tribunal. 
Affidavit with the application for amending the wealth tax return under wealth tax act, 1957. N.O.C. to mother to receive deceased father property rent 
N.O.C. for transfer of deceased father property 

CD also includes:
Power of attorney formats, partnership deed(s), bill of exchange, hire-purchase agreement , gift deed, service contract, cheque dishonour – complaint, notice, receipts, will deed(s) and Hundreds of Other legal deeds, documants froms and Drafts for Filing of cases in Indian Courts


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