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Dishonor of Cheques Judgement CD

Dishonor of Cheques Judgement CD
covering Supreme Court of India,
Indian High Court Cases and tribunals

India Laws and Judgements on CD - Indian Bare Acts

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From 1989 onwards

Most comprehensive database on Dishonour of Cheques Covering Supreme Court and All High Court Judgments With Statute Law and Drafts

Professionally made Head notes Covering Supreme Court of India & High Courts, Equivalent Citations From journals.

Topic Coverage

All Major/Minor Points like Stop payment, Account Closed, Postdated Cheque, Refer to Drawer, Vicarious Liability of Directors, Security Cheque, Limitation, Condonation of delay, Compounding, Notice, Dismissal in default, Procedure, Fine, Compensation, Expert Evidence, Compounding and Sentence etc More than 500 different topics covered.

Special Topics

Quash Allowed, Quash Not Allowed, Acquittal, Conviction, Acquittal Upheld, Acquittal Set aside, Conviction upheld, Conviction set aside.

More than 1500 Judgments on quashing


  • Simple and Self Explanatory installation
  • Fast and Accurate Search Engine
  • Multiple Search Options
  • Search within search
  • User Friendly and Menu driven
  • Copy and Print Facility
  • Add to favourite Facility

Unique Features

Widest Coverage

STPL "Dishonour of Cheque " has widest coverage of Supreme court of India and All High Courts Judgments on this Subject. More than 5000 in numbers, Much more than any print Reporter or Software.

Search Engine

A Simple but Powerful Search Engine. Instant search on and word/Phrase in Full text of all Judgments. Facility for other Searches like Case Name, Judge Name, Advocate Name, Citation, Statute, Date etc also available. Case Law search made very easy.


For Quick and Pin Point Search it contains Four Special Indexes.

  • Topical Index- Judgments grouped on particular Law Point. Major Law Points are Further divided into various Topics i.e. Murder topic divided into various sub topic Alibi, Bail, Circumstantial Evidence etc. No need of any other information to search the case law. Just open the alphabetically arranged index click on Topic/Subtopic and get the Case related to that topic.
  • Nominal Index- List of "Case Name" Alphabetically arranged. Just Click on desired Case Name to get it.
  • Statute Index- Judgments arranged Statute/ Rule wise and further Section/ Rule wise. Open the index. First go on Desired/Rule and then on desired Section/ Rule and get the desired results immediately.
  • Citation Index- Citation index of different leading reporters are provided. Open the index. Select the reporter, List of citations of the particular reporter will appear. Just Click on desired Citation to get it.

Simple Easy To Use Interface

Takes just few minutes to understand without any difficulty . Simple, Easy to understand, Easy to use. Quick navigation and results.

Regular Updation

Regular updation at nominal Price after expiry of free updation period. Weekly web updates and New set of CD for updation in every quarter. Even if not further update purchased old software remain working.

Quickest Weekly Web Update

Weekly web update. Keeps your Knowledge in pace with latest Case Law.

Full Library

No missing volumes.

Search Results

Provide instant information about Case Topic, Name, Date, Parallel Citations as well as Statute involved in Case. All fields can be sorted alphabetically.

Original Citations/ Parallel Citations

The Judgments have original Citations of STPL. The Parallel Citations of Leading Journals/Reporters are also made available.

Bookish View/Printouts

All Judgments are shown in book like view and print outs of same can be taken.

Copy and Paste Facility

You can Copy Judgments in Full or Part and Paste it elsewhere.

Other Facilities

It provides other facilities like Add to favorites, Print List, Annotations etc. also.


A comprehensive help is also provided to understand functionality of various features and to make software easy to operate.


Regular updation at nominal Price. Weekly web updates and new set of CD for updation in every quarter. Even if no further update purchased old software remain working.

Easy to Install

Simple and Self Explanatory Installation. In case of difficulty telephonic and Internet support available.

Simple and Easy to Use Interface

Takes just few minutes to understand without any difficulty . Simple, Easy to understand, Easy to use. Quick navigation and results.

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